Thursday, November 27, 2008

Last Of The Septuplets: Onra Completes All City 7x7

To highlight the emergence of this beat music, the All City clan released a conceptual gem this year: 7 x 7. Seven 7" singles from seven sorcerers. magi of the MPC, a band of bad men.
Gang members were as follows: Snowman, Mike Slott, Fulgeance, Mweslee, LeNeko, Hudson Mohawke..

Onra now completes the septuplet.

Your man Onra has been consciously crafting his Chinoiseries, assiduously amassing a concretion of releases under his belt, including the afore mentioned LP released earlier this year.
Fresh off his RBMA beat camp, Onra now drops the last of the 7x7 from All City. A double A-side if you will. As he's demonstrated time and again, this French Vietnamese has shown how to bang that hoodtronica out. ;). Big beats and smooth sampling are of order, and Onra brings the 7x7 series to a very fitting denouement.

You-want-to-hear-fu-ture-funk? Get down with My Comet. Look for this 7" to drop Dec 1. Check All City for all deets.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fly High: Flying Lotus 2x3

Not sure how to put this... Lemme try.


LA's own Flying Lotus releases the second EP of the Los Angeles trilogy, with the 1st Warp Records release having come to boisterous acclaim and spirited praise. This time, the FlyLo's Winnetka wizardy is felt more in his art direction as having commissioned rmxs of 1x3 tracks.
Hired guns are California cohorts Nosaj Thing, Ras G and his African Space Program, my man Samiyam, Monopoly and Exile to mention a few, all hand over very capable personal renditions and edits of FlyLo joints.
BUT, my favorite riddim (and one that I've been chatting about from the day I heard it a few months back) was the Roberta Flack rmx courtesy of Mike Slott. Simply put, beatific.
I hit Mike Slott up yesterday after buying the 2x3 EP, and told him simply that his rmx would be my wedding song. And to boot, would you believe that Mike lost the original vers - as he told me one night on the A train back to Washington Heights? Hence, the name of the rmx. Man.. not sure if I should cheer or be sad. LOL?

DO NOT do yourself a disservice and pass over this EP. 2x3 EP is a mandatory item in that library (as was 1x3).

Anyhow, I have a wedding to prepare for, and here's Flying Lotus' Roberta Flack, re-dressed in Mike Slott's finest fabrics.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dutty Box: Harmonic 313 EP

Detroit and Australia just a few miles apart, wouldn't you say? Nevertheless, Detroit's influence from it's hip hop to it's electro-nice and all in between can be heard from all corners of the globe.
Harmonic 313 aka Mark Pritchard has been diligently completing a full length from his studio in AUS due out in Feb 2009, whilst still offering a few EPs in the interim. Today marked the 2nd of such EP releases - a 4 banger from electro-nice stalwart Warp Records: the instrumental DIRTBOX.

I'll be very frank. Love this dude's work. Pretty tight and the crystal clarity of H313's production is unmatched! one of my fave elements of H313's work is that he can hit you with amalgams of genres you thought were impossible to fuse. Love H313 for that....

Anyhow, do yourself a solid and just cop this when you see it. Indeed for your dvlpmnt. You'll thank me later.

In the meantime, take this one joint in... Arc Light. Say wrd.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Patterns, Politics and Drum Pads

J Rawls needs to create a sound track for TBG bka Too Black Guys (remember that brand?). He's got that headspace man. I kinda love that. Hell, he was likely around during some of the afrocentric glory days that @ times seem long forgotten. Love the fact that he weaves in audio from speeches and famous quotes in his opus.
Just copped this record of his today, Histories, Greatest Battles, Campaigns & Topics. Always dug his smooth style and the fact that he stays with those NSTRMNTLS all day. This is not meant to be that dancefloor burner, but more like that joint you wanna keep in the library for sure... Hell, you need to have some Lone Catalysts in there as well. ;)

Wonder what his thoughts are on the new Commander In Chief, his great campaign and the greatest battle of all looming: running America for 4 yrs. Would be a great convo. But regardless, he's released a great work of art like this Art of War


Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Black, More eL, More Shoes.

Some recall that I had that Black Milk, eLZhi and DJ House Shoes in Toronto. My ppls over @ The Real Frequency documented their visit in an interview and part of the eLZhi performance.

The interview @ the Real Freq studios...

... eLZhi ...

... and now your man Black. Say wrd.

Shouts to the whole RF massive: AR, Inzane, Pleezy and Man Like Keezy. Good Look. Let's get up again soon.

Again, you can peep photos of the show here.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Where ya @, where ya @?

1 week ago, after picking up House Shoes @ the airport, he's like, "Dude, have you heard that new Jay Electronica that Just Blaze produced??". "No I said". He just looks @ me like dude, are you kidding me? Pffffffff...

He takes a drag of his Newport, pops in a CD and just turns it up.

Where ya @, Where ya @? My dude can paint that picture. Narratives are like....

I hear that the train is on schedule. I'm glad to hear. Been a min, but this Exhibit A is evidence of the truth. Stupid. Shouts to Nalden for that link. Nuts.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nike is down with DVLPMNT

Say wrd.

I just got a call, last second one to confirm if I could appear as my Latin saint alias, San Benito de Palermo and DJ (or Me-J) for this Nike even tonight.

You bet. So look for me to drop some quick gems tonight and I'll be opening the party @ 8. It's looking to be pretty busy and if you need some benediction, come thru. This should be fun. I'll be there with the MP in hand. There might still be an op to RSVP.

See you tonight.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Decrypted: 00Genesis finally drops

I've been waiting for this event actually for a hot min. After getting a hold of bangers like The Brighter Side & No Shoes Trampoline, I kept a close eye on my yoot. So today, the enigmatic and cryptic 00Genesis drops a long awaited ep Dream Catcher on RXLNGR, where Muhsinah also calls home.

I for one have dug 00G's style from day one. It was and still remains like nothing that I had heard out there and would find hard to describe. At times, I felt like it was best characterized as a car careening thru traffic, and other days just cruising on a Cinelli fixie. But ultimately, when your head bops, that all the illustration needed.

Do yourself that solid:cop this record . You can grab it here on iTunes, and it's f*cking iTunes Plus, so I can drop that right into Serato.



Monday, November 10, 2008

Motor City Rides Again: Black Milk, eLZhi and House Shoes in Toronto, Nov 6th 2008

It's been 2 long weeks. Hard @ work among other things, this show I had planned signaled the a sorta finish line. I had deadlines the same week so this was very welcomed - though work did await me. You know, the usual show sh*t.

Black Milk
DJ House Shoes

The press is proclaiming that the Detroit Big Three are in the worst state ever. Someone needed to remind Black Milk, eLZhi and House Shoes as their engines are running as strong as the classic American muscle cars of yesteryears.

Pontiac GTO aka DJ House Shoes. With the wisdom and history that most still fail to realize, House Shoes revved the crowd up, wheeling thru gems and exclusives that one would expect from one of the pillars of this Detroit sound.

Ford Mustang aka eLZhi. Known to many as one of the strongest MCs active (and possibly inactive) in the game, eLZhi made good in his 1st gig as a solo artist in Toronto. From drifting through bangers from The Preface, to riding shotgun with Toronto songstress Ayah to the smoke filled burnouts from the various freestyles throughout the night.

Chevy Corvette aka Black Milk. Standing tallest, there's no real mistaking this MC's roar when he starts his engine. From beats to his most improved rhymes, Black Milk's set was like a high speed freewheeling ride down the DVP in the wee hours of the AM. Delivering classic verses from his already sizable catalog, he squeezed the pads on the MP, clicking away on the casio keys to offer live renditions of more classics.

The Motor City looks healthy and as strong as ever, and there's not sign of any musical malaise with more projects coming from all three in 2009.

Shouts to my man K Fresh from who popped up from the D. Foundation!

You can peep the rest of the photos here.


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