Saturday, October 4, 2008

The U.K Invasion: Lycky Me Tour

Blitzkrieg. Fusillade.

The Glasgow Gang @ Lucky Me (Hudson Mo, Slott, Rustie & Dom Sum) have gone on a 4 date mini tour through North America with beats, with the 1st belting of bass taking place tonight in La Belle Province, for the POP Montréal Festival.
(Welcome to Canada gents. Told you about the early cold! Enjoy the poutine though.)

They play the lone Canadian with the Megasoid clan. Would have made it down, but there was a slight change in plans. :(

They then make their way down to the world infamous Low End Theory in LA for a Oct 8th date.

This night has the makings of something pretty legendary. LA's been the North American anchor for beats, electo-nice riddims et al, with many of the barons of beats residing in the area. So their arrival will be a sort of Coming to America with EU statesmen joining in an allied front. I hope to hear rumblings of live footage/audio for this night.

They then make their way up to SF for a Oct 9th date and then back to the east coast for the monthly Low End Theory NYC installment on Oct 11th.

This will be a tour to check for indeed. If you're out there, get some footage and hit us back. Say wrd.


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