Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Take: Souldier on EU tour of duty.

The name of the podcast escapes me, but I came across LA's Take when i heard this banger Make Believe off The Dirty Decibels of Thomas 2000 lp.
As I made my way around the seemingly perpetually congested streets of LA, I finally arrived @ DubLab.

What an event - after months of going back and forth online, we have finally met and were able to have mano y mano convo. Take and I sat and basically discussed all things LA for a min. Standing on the roof top of DubLab under a torrid SoCal sun, we chatted my love and his periodic reluctance for the LA scene. One of thing is most certain: Take is among a coterie of Kings in LA/SoCal. Be it the beat music scene, LA is pretty much home to US Gold Medalists.

We went from there to chatting about what he'll need to pack for the EU tour of duty he's been planning diligently over the last few months. I sided with going light as the climate swings will not be nearly as bad as he thought. Simple jacket, some disposable tees and a sweat shirt. But he wants his best foot fwd, so look for the golden shades among many other accoutrements. LOL.

But beyond staring @ him, I do recommend that you do check for him during his EU dates. They're as follows:

Oct 10 Fabric London ENGLAND
Oct 11 Stealth, Nottingham UK
Oct 17 Loud Minority, Vienna AUSTRIA
Oct 18 Hugs & Tugs party, Cordy House, London ENGLAND
Oct 24 Biminuis - Beat Dimension Party - Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS
Oct 25 Back To The Wood, Corbet place, London ENGLAND

So if you're in the area, make a move to see my man Take. He's got a special set all ready to go for cats - Bomb-Squad-@-90bpm type shit bpm. ;)

But in the meantime, here's a treat right from Take himself.

Another world Mix. Ready for download. Take it in....



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