Thursday, October 2, 2008

Muhsinah v3.0: From Toronto to Common

Haha. New Patch!

So Monday night, Toronto was host to a Common x N.E.R.D. show. Yeah, the ppl piled into the Koolhaus to see Skateboard P and C to the O dbl M O-N. But off to the side, in charge of supporting vocals long side some keys and what looked like some pads (cuz you know damn well that pads are an instrument now) was Muhsinah.

Sinah and I met in March of 2007 during WMC @ a Waajeed x Benji B gig for Zune (real talk: I usually have lamentable memory, but I do recall this event very clearly). In a group convo, Waajeed had told me to keep and eye on her, real closely. Ok 'Jeed. Got ya. She handed me some music and we went from there.
FFWD to Sept 07 to YYZ airport, and who comes waltzing out of Terminal 3 exit? Muhsinah. She was part of the 1st Term of RBMA 2007 participants and I was picking her up. Say wrd.

For 2 weeks, I got to see her bang it out in the studio, collaborate, and even call me out on a track (for those with the RBMA Toronto CD, if not go look for it). But until this past Monday (literally 1 year to the day), I had not seen her since despite having been in NY a few times.
Anyhow, it was all love catching up. Chatted about her lp Daybreak (v.1, v2.0 and beyond), her touring with Common (NorthAM and EU) as well as what apparently will be some production credit on the new Common LP (say wrd!).
Post tour, she's due to start on a new record, if she's not bangin em out for other cats. Unbeknownst to many, she's silly on the beats and even crazier with ProTools. Yep. Certified. So it's all in-house. Not just a radiant smile and enchanting voice.

Speaking of voice, our convo led to chatting about this collabo that Mike Slott hit me with sometime back. It's apparently out on 7" as we speak. DOPE.

So here's Deux-Three, a banger from Mike Slott and the LuckyMe clan, feat Muhsinah on vocals - one of my faves and sold @ a store near you! Enjoy.



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