Monday, October 27, 2008

The Hour is Now: Dour Festival snippet

Been away for a few. Betweem trying to reach some work deadlines, and been trying to manage this midi depression as a small mix up forced me to stay in town and miss out some good friends and events (see you next year @ some point), I staged my own strike. Just a victim of a short string of bad luck really...

But just in time to cheer me up is this video that my man Nick Holder shot me. Ahhhh... just what I needed.

Dour Festival Report '08 from Laid Back on Vimeo.

Oddly enough, this Dour Festival was in my crosshairs when I was in EU last summer, when I was looking for a date to see the Stones Throw tour. Just decided to stay in UK. Why is this not happening here?? Well thankfully, I just had some meetings last week. This is long overdue in Toronto. My man Dalton and I are seeing eye to eye here. Indeed.


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