Monday, October 13, 2008

The Good Company Does It Unaccompanied: Stones Throw A Cappellas

Not quite in a chapel style as an italian might think, but you can still blast some Guilty Simpson on your way to church, can't you?? Stones Throw sure things so.

The good ppl @ Stones Throw have just released another compilation. [eyes rolling] - again! ;) . But leave it to ST to squeeze every op out of every single product they own - and I love them for that.

A Cappellas.

This is essentially a selection of a cappellas that they're putting out there for the basement beat head. The cats who produce but don't really put anything out there. Man, i've BEEN trying to get cats to rmx. Anything can happen. Cats were getting work off RMXs floating around the net... I'm saying though: this is your chance.

Track list reads as follows:

1. My World Premiere (A cappella) Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf
2. Watch My Moves (A cappella) Dooley O
3. Cash Money (A cappella) Homeliss Derelix
4. Blind Man (A cappella) LA Carnival
5. The Ride (A cappella) Oh No
6. Stomp That v. 1.2 (A cappella) feat. Cornbread Oh No
7. Definition of Ill (Remix - A cappella) feat. Planet Asia & Madlib Peanut Butter Wolf
8. No Time For Jokes (A cappella) feat. Chali 2na Percee P
9. Last Of The Greats - (A cappella) feat. Prince Po Percee P
10. Throwback Rap Attack (Oh No Remix - A cappella) Percee P
11. Watch Your Step (A cappella) feat. Vinnie Paz & Guilty Simpson Percee P
12. Broadfactor (A cappella) Quasimoto
13. Ode To The Ghetto (A Cappella) Guilty Simpson
14. Get Bitches (A Cappella) Guilty Simpson

Def some gems on this, and the last 2 guilty joints are the only 2 that cannot be bought individually. You need to cop the whole record for that. Sorry. Would love to hear someone like Ras G or Gas Lamp Killer get a hold of these. Anyhow, I want to hear more experimental and daring works. Put some effects on that MF! LOL. Looking fwd.

Make sure to hit Stones Throw online for more info on this comp.


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