Friday, October 3, 2008

dATA-BWoY Killin


I hate mail. Ever since moving to my new spot about 2 yrs ago, I get an immeasurable amount of junk mail and it's nothing short of aggravating. They want to save paper?? Get these guys to stop!
Anyhow, upon checking my communal mail box yesterday, I got this odd looking pkg. Looked closely, noticed that it came from kinda far....

OH SH*T! This was that promo from Eat Concrete (ironically, i ate some a few weeks back)

Say wrd.

// dATA-BWoY, a new 12" release from famed Eat Concrete (the ones I needed to thank for Take among other releases). // dATA-BWoY (is that d-Advanced Technology Attachment?) is from the magnetic platters and motherboard of D-Frost Beats (Hawaiian né Damon Frost - Go OBAMA!) of Swedish duo Hearin' Aid. I 1st came across these cats via a Raw Fusion comp and their sound always peaked my curiosity.

D-Frost Beats has now manufactured a banger of a release. This 12"-only 5 banger is simply that: A banger. Although I'm never sold on dancefloor riddims, this release has the appeal for booties to shake, heads to nod and arms to gesticulate. Say wrd.

Enough of my textual traipse though as this is simply a must cop as it just dropped in stores Sept 25th (last week). Free up some bandwidth (and your purse strings), and take in some of this // dATA-BWoY from D-Frost Beats himself. Big shouts to Teun. Enjoy the medley!


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