Friday, October 10, 2008

Blu & Exile: from SoCal to Spain

As the Red Bull Music Academy concluded term 1 last weekend and gear up (literally) for term 2, I could only wonder what that closing party was probably like. I still clearly recall my nuit blanche in Toronto last year - in fact, I recall both! And this was before my man Wulf from RBMA kindly reminded me in an online chat (get better Wulf!).
One of the moments that I recall from the archived lectures from the RBMA 2008's Term 1 was the divine duo from Southern Cali: Blu & Exile. In fact, having just been in LA, I bumped into them this week and had not realized they weren't even on tour - they flew out simply to show love to the Academy and speak to these would be musical wizards. Say wrd.

Sparing you the bits and bytes of blather, I'll simply post he highlights from their couch interview in Barcelona, with a lovely MPC freestyle by your man Exile.

On a side note, rumors of a Johnson & Johnson and Exile show in Toronto. Say wrd?? Wrd.


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