Sunday, September 21, 2008

You - Must - Learn: Le Neko 5x7 release

In continuity of the All City Records 7x7 series, the 5th release from this star assemblage and the 2nd out of France, comes from Le Neko (or is it Le N?ko).

Describing his sound as heavy broken elevator music, Le Neko's release 1nce again asserts this beat music as a beautiful artform, much overlooked on this side of the pond. Though not as well know and with a diminutive body of work (this is his very 1st 12"), this lion for Lyon roars loudly with this 2 song œuvre. With that deep electro-nice (and not electronic) sound, lovely chords and sharp drums, he defends his city's pride with pride.

Looking fwd, we can expect more music from this Frenchman. I'll certainly be looking fwd to it myself. Say wrd.

You can cop Le N?ko's All City 12" here, and @ fine music retailers in your space.

"You - Must - Learn". The word made famous by KRS-One. Or, you can simply say Apprendre and pop Le Neko in ya deck! Enjoy.


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