Friday, September 26, 2008

Rmx Radiohead: The Reckoner

This could be kinda interesting.

Much like they did on the 1st single of in Rainbows (nude), the Radiohead camp are making the parts to the newest single Reckoner avail to all for your own rmx submission.

You can buy the 'stems' (parts) from iTunes store for 99¢, after which you will apparently be emailed a GarageBand/Logic ready set of files for your needs.

Don't use GarageBand of Logic?? All good. The stems are in iTunes Plus format, meaning that they're DRM free. You should be able to pop them in most apps.

All the info and deets can be accessed here. Thom and his merry bunch admit that this might be an easier project as Reckoner is in 4/4 which should make things a touch easier this time around.

The parts?? You get:

Lead Vocals Stem.
Backup Vocals Stem.
Bass Stem.
Drums/Percussion Stem.
Piano/Strings Stem
Guitar Stem

Why am I chatting this up?? I would LOVE to hear some beat music rmxs of this joint. In fact, I bought them myself since I hope to bang something out one day. But those of you who I chat with know that... lol... I keep dreaming! ;)



However you wanna make it happen - it's all there.

Have fun and I look fwd to hearing some of your work.


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