Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jockin' Hayzee: Dutch Doyen Drops New Vid

Man, I had to do it.

Sometime back, I got a wonderful email from my girl Kissey, telling me about this cat I should get up with, Hayzee. Shortly after she made the introduction online, I was then sent some music to listen to and (in a Big Daddy Kane voice) that's all she wrote.
I in fact did write.

FFWD a few months, and I now find myself chatting this young cats name again, with more news. News, that Appletree Records (whom I love for Louis Bordeaux and De JJ) has scooped up this 21 yr-young game console crackerjack, Dutch doyen of 8bit.

In follow to his Next Level EP, Hayzee and the good ppl @ Appletree release a fresh animated video to the title track, Press Start, starring your man Hayzee as himself.

Jockin Hayzee indeed. Keep a vigilant eye on this Dutch dread. In interim, make sure to grab hold of (and download) the classic: Next Level EP. Perfect for that iPod rotation.

Hope you have a roll of quarters ready. You'll be playing this all night. Say wrd. Shouts to Kissey & Naldisney. ;)


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