Saturday, September 13, 2008

JJ: Dynomite!

Man... what a week.

Despite having such a brutal start of a weekend, it was able to sit @ home a kinda re:up on some music. Certainly since I'll be out playing this week Thursday.

So 1nce again in my travels, I found myself checking up on some ppl and some of their release. A whist back, copped this fresh record from Dutchman Louis Bordeaux. In checking back up, I ran into his whole Dutch massive: De Javaanse Jongens or JJ (that's the only way I can say it!).

Man! Good Times is all that came to mind in a cliché-ed way. Just cooped their P.S. EP that just dropped under 1 month ago, and I can't wait to drop some of these gems man... The 'Men from Java' as they call themselves, def know how to crank em out.

Not sure if I was happier to find the record or knowing that I'll have some riddims for the mandem Thursday night. In any case, looking fwd to see you cats next week so i can play you these bangers.

Speaking of bangers, let's get into some of this 15 mins from De JJ. This is so f*cking tight. Aiiight. Speak soon.


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