Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here it is: Volume 0, Live @ CKLN 88.1

Here it is.

Shouts to Mixtape Massacre.

This has been a long time in the works, and I just never got around to getting the right forum to allow for it's completion. So now, we're here. Been trying to tell ppl that this movement, the beat music, the Hoodtronica™ is very real and will make you feel like a kid again. ;)
Before getting back behind the boards, I was saying that someone needed to start playing more beats and instrumentals and paying attn to the music. Then, 2 things happened: I got hired @ the RBMA 2007 in Toronto and I met Jay Scarlett.
Since they were both chronologically in such proximity, I consider those events as one, a type of Ground Zero.
The RBMA simply exposed me to what I knew was out there: great music and producers to go along. Then Jay Scarlett basically took me under his wing and took me on a tour of this musical planet. Never been the same since.
So a lifetime of blies for all the mandem. All day.

So Volume 0.

It's here. Call it, Beats 101, Requisite Riddims or simply call it Instrumental To Your Development. I really believe that. You need that balance and this will hopefully be the 1st of many MP Prescriptions. And yes... this was mixed entirely on an MPD. No turntables or CDJs. I felt that it embodied the movement that much more - even though it seems a little backwards and is harder to mix on. LOL.

So, with out any more delays. I present to you:

Instrumental To Your Development Volume 0 - Live @ CKLN 88.1.

This is a compendium of classics that have been out there for some time, but might very much be new to folks round my way. And by the sounds of the response (ppl calling the show asking), the interest in there.

You can download it here. It's a zipped folder with artwork and notes.

If you're @ work, feel free to stream it.

mymanhenri @ CKLN 88.1 FM

In order or appearance:

Husdon Mowhawke
Mike Slott
Daru Jones
Suff Daddy
Yann Kesz
Flying Lotus. (last song of set)

By all means, pls leave a comment and I'll stay up with cats as much as possible. Would love some feedback.




  1. every friday night, i want to go to a place that plays this all night... dopeness right there.

    where can i buy the tracks on the podcast? is there a tracklisting you can post?


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