Wednesday, September 17, 2008

He's a (Berlin) Bad Boy: Suff Daddy

S Diddy maybe?? Suff??

Man, I still recall cracking a smile when I 1st heard the name. Though it parallels a certain hip hop pop superstar (who was just in Toronto for TIFF08 in fact), the mirrorings ends there.
1st ran into Suff Daddy, and his label Melting Pot Music, when Circle Research got signed to the same imprint. I started to comb the catalog and whoa....
He and I started to kick it, and he sent me what would become the EFIL4FFUS EP.


Honestly, I still recall seeing dudes staring into my Serato screen to see what was playing. The track @ the time was one of my favves, Brewsters - an obvious ode to spirits and cream ale, which Suff (which translates to drinking heavy) does seemingly enjoy. A stunningly well produced track with floating Alkaholics and ODB samples amongst stabbing horns. BANANAS. So f*cking dramatic!
Suff also shows great range with tracks like Late Night Suff (feat Miles Bonny) and Gin City which is a lovely
I could go thru the whole EFIL4FFUS EP and tell you how tight it is, but I rather toast the fact that it's available.

You can peep the Melting Pot Music site.

iTunes store.

Do yourself a solid and cop it. Now raise your glass: PROST! .....Now on with the Show!!

Gotta shout Nik T for this one... GOOD LOOK.




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