Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beat Generation: it's on a poppin tonight!

Yea. Went through a gang of music last night, and I'm more or less ready to throw down.

More importantly, I'm also finally launching my music blog project - or more beat music.

I will likely slowly migrate the music over from The Newest Era™ but look for steady updates on that Hoodtronica™. ;)

So man, this is what Cramer on CNBC would call a 2 fer. 2 causes, 1 night. That's TONIGHT!

Instrumental To Your Development launch night
. (say wrd)
A night of Beat Music and Hoodtronica™
Thursday September 18th 2008
TOI BAR - 577 College St
Music/Hosted by Mymanhenri
FaceBook Event page is here.

My MP is ready to rawk. Serato is all loaded up. I'll even see if I can plug my Mini KOAS pad, but that might be a touch harder due to plugs but oh well... soon come.

Looking fwd to seeing all of you tonight.



1 comment:

  1. Dope set...
    More peeps need to check this shit out!

    Gusto Gonzalez


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