Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jockin' Hayzee: Dutch Doyen Drops New Vid

Man, I had to do it.

Sometime back, I got a wonderful email from my girl Kissey, telling me about this cat I should get up with, Hayzee. Shortly after she made the introduction online, I was then sent some music to listen to and (in a Big Daddy Kane voice) that's all she wrote.
I in fact did write.

FFWD a few months, and I now find myself chatting this young cats name again, with more news. News, that Appletree Records (whom I love for Louis Bordeaux and De JJ) has scooped up this 21 yr-young game console crackerjack, Dutch doyen of 8bit.

In follow to his Next Level EP, Hayzee and the good ppl @ Appletree release a fresh animated video to the title track, Press Start, starring your man Hayzee as himself.

Jockin Hayzee indeed. Keep a vigilant eye on this Dutch dread. In interim, make sure to grab hold of (and download) the classic: Next Level EP. Perfect for that iPod rotation.

Hope you have a roll of quarters ready. You'll be playing this all night. Say wrd. Shouts to Kissey & Naldisney. ;)


Friday, September 26, 2008

Rmx Radiohead: The Reckoner

This could be kinda interesting.

Much like they did on the 1st single of in Rainbows (nude), the Radiohead camp are making the parts to the newest single Reckoner avail to all for your own rmx submission.

You can buy the 'stems' (parts) from iTunes store for 99¢, after which you will apparently be emailed a GarageBand/Logic ready set of files for your needs.

Don't use GarageBand of Logic?? All good. The stems are in iTunes Plus format, meaning that they're DRM free. You should be able to pop them in most apps.

All the info and deets can be accessed here. Thom and his merry bunch admit that this might be an easier project as Reckoner is in 4/4 which should make things a touch easier this time around.

The parts?? You get:

Lead Vocals Stem.
Backup Vocals Stem.
Bass Stem.
Drums/Percussion Stem.
Piano/Strings Stem
Guitar Stem

Why am I chatting this up?? I would LOVE to hear some beat music rmxs of this joint. In fact, I bought them myself since I hope to bang something out one day. But those of you who I chat with know that... lol... I keep dreaming! ;)



However you wanna make it happen - it's all there.

Have fun and I look fwd to hearing some of your work.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here it is: Volume 0, Live @ CKLN 88.1

Here it is.

Shouts to Mixtape Massacre.

This has been a long time in the works, and I just never got around to getting the right forum to allow for it's completion. So now, we're here. Been trying to tell ppl that this movement, the beat music, the Hoodtronica™ is very real and will make you feel like a kid again. ;)
Before getting back behind the boards, I was saying that someone needed to start playing more beats and instrumentals and paying attn to the music. Then, 2 things happened: I got hired @ the RBMA 2007 in Toronto and I met Jay Scarlett.
Since they were both chronologically in such proximity, I consider those events as one, a type of Ground Zero.
The RBMA simply exposed me to what I knew was out there: great music and producers to go along. Then Jay Scarlett basically took me under his wing and took me on a tour of this musical planet. Never been the same since.
So a lifetime of blies for all the mandem. All day.

So Volume 0.

It's here. Call it, Beats 101, Requisite Riddims or simply call it Instrumental To Your Development. I really believe that. You need that balance and this will hopefully be the 1st of many MP Prescriptions. And yes... this was mixed entirely on an MPD. No turntables or CDJs. I felt that it embodied the movement that much more - even though it seems a little backwards and is harder to mix on. LOL.

So, with out any more delays. I present to you:

Instrumental To Your Development Volume 0 - Live @ CKLN 88.1.

This is a compendium of classics that have been out there for some time, but might very much be new to folks round my way. And by the sounds of the response (ppl calling the show asking), the interest in there.

You can download it here. It's a zipped folder with artwork and notes.

If you're @ work, feel free to stream it.

mymanhenri @ CKLN 88.1 FM

In order or appearance:

Husdon Mowhawke
Mike Slott
Daru Jones
Suff Daddy
Yann Kesz
Flying Lotus. (last song of set)

By all means, pls leave a comment and I'll stay up with cats as much as possible. Would love some feedback.



Monday, September 22, 2008

Move Some More: Move Oct 17th 2008

All I have to say is this.

Karriem Riggins

This is going to be Riggins' 1st visit since that FAMED beat set @ WMC 08. Madlib will be coming off a few releases. The BBE and the Dil Cosby joint that he did with J-Rocc. And The Funkiest President?? He's got joints all day. Dilla gems sitting around for sure. Beats will be heard that night. Be assured if it.

Best is that I'll be doing an opening set that night w/ birthday boy DJ Taktiks aka Slick James.

If you're in Toronto or anywhere close, you need to come out for this. This will be massive. You can see the flyer and the FaceBook event is here.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bienvenido A BCN: Red Bull Music Academy 08

¿Hablas Catalán?

I sure don't but I might need to muy temprano.

This is just a congratulatory shout to the whole team @ RBMA HQ who are now on the Spanish coast, in BCN. Today marks the 1st day of the RBMA and for the next 5 weeks, Barcelona will be host to some of the most promising artists from all corners of the world, many of whom are beat music kings. I'm still trying to get my hands on the full list of participants... TORSTEN! Holla!!

Don't know what the RBMA is? Pull up a chair and take a good look.


You - Must - Learn: Le Neko 5x7 release

In continuity of the All City Records 7x7 series, the 5th release from this star assemblage and the 2nd out of France, comes from Le Neko (or is it Le N?ko).

Describing his sound as heavy broken elevator music, Le Neko's release 1nce again asserts this beat music as a beautiful artform, much overlooked on this side of the pond. Though not as well know and with a diminutive body of work (this is his very 1st 12"), this lion for Lyon roars loudly with this 2 song œuvre. With that deep electro-nice (and not electronic) sound, lovely chords and sharp drums, he defends his city's pride with pride.

Looking fwd, we can expect more music from this Frenchman. I'll certainly be looking fwd to it myself. Say wrd.

You can cop Le N?ko's All City 12" here, and @ fine music retailers in your space.

"You - Must - Learn". The word made famous by KRS-One. Or, you can simply say Apprendre and pop Le Neko in ya deck! Enjoy.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Live on Mixtape Massacre CKLN 88.1FM: 1-4p

Shouts to Linx, Taktiks, Seven:30 and a man like Wan.

You might be reading this after/during my radio set, so if that's the case,


For those who did not, I'm did a quick beats set today @ Mixtape Massacre on CKLN 88.1FM @ the famed 1-4pm slot today to highlight the launch of this new blog. I would try to record it, but I don't think that I have time to set it up. Ahhhhh.... Anyhow, this will remind me to start my podcast, though I'll still try to salvage the recording somehow.



Friday, September 19, 2008

Guess who's coming to town??

all deets here.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beat Generation: it's on a poppin tonight!

Yea. Went through a gang of music last night, and I'm more or less ready to throw down.

More importantly, I'm also finally launching my music blog project - or more beat music.

I will likely slowly migrate the music over from The Newest Era™ but look for steady updates on that Hoodtronica™. ;)

So man, this is what Cramer on CNBC would call a 2 fer. 2 causes, 1 night. That's TONIGHT!

Instrumental To Your Development launch night
. (say wrd)
A night of Beat Music and Hoodtronica™
Thursday September 18th 2008
TOI BAR - 577 College St
Music/Hosted by Mymanhenri
FaceBook Event page is here.

My MP is ready to rawk. Serato is all loaded up. I'll even see if I can plug my Mini KOAS pad, but that might be a touch harder due to plugs but oh well... soon come.

Looking fwd to seeing all of you tonight.



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

He's a (Berlin) Bad Boy: Suff Daddy

S Diddy maybe?? Suff??

Man, I still recall cracking a smile when I 1st heard the name. Though it parallels a certain hip hop pop superstar (who was just in Toronto for TIFF08 in fact), the mirrorings ends there.
1st ran into Suff Daddy, and his label Melting Pot Music, when Circle Research got signed to the same imprint. I started to comb the catalog and whoa....
He and I started to kick it, and he sent me what would become the EFIL4FFUS EP.


Honestly, I still recall seeing dudes staring into my Serato screen to see what was playing. The track @ the time was one of my favves, Brewsters - an obvious ode to spirits and cream ale, which Suff (which translates to drinking heavy) does seemingly enjoy. A stunningly well produced track with floating Alkaholics and ODB samples amongst stabbing horns. BANANAS. So f*cking dramatic!
Suff also shows great range with tracks like Late Night Suff (feat Miles Bonny) and Gin City which is a lovely
I could go thru the whole EFIL4FFUS EP and tell you how tight it is, but I rather toast the fact that it's available.

You can peep the Melting Pot Music site.

iTunes store.

Do yourself a solid and cop it. Now raise your glass: PROST! .....Now on with the Show!!

Gotta shout Nik T for this one... GOOD LOOK.



Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beat Konduction: Madvilb x J-Rocc v5

The witchdoctor's @ it again.

Finally emerging from the numerous hours in the lab, the likely thick smoke from that Cali Kush, and the furious reports that something was in the works, Madlib and j-Rocc unveil the Beat Konductor v5: Dil Cosby suite. This is their long longed-for tribute to Dilla. Do I need to say more?? Make it happen. Period.

Best believe that I'll be banging some of these out @ Beat Generation. In the meantime, Madlib keeps it real nice, witness the Sacrifice.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

JJ: Dynomite!

Man... what a week.

Despite having such a brutal start of a weekend, it was able to sit @ home a kinda re:up on some music. Certainly since I'll be out playing this week Thursday.

So 1nce again in my travels, I found myself checking up on some ppl and some of their release. A whist back, copped this fresh record from Dutchman Louis Bordeaux. In checking back up, I ran into his whole Dutch massive: De Javaanse Jongens or JJ (that's the only way I can say it!).

Man! Good Times is all that came to mind in a cliché-ed way. Just cooped their P.S. EP that just dropped under 1 month ago, and I can't wait to drop some of these gems man... The 'Men from Java' as they call themselves, def know how to crank em out.

Not sure if I was happier to find the record or knowing that I'll have some riddims for the mandem Thursday night. In any case, looking fwd to see you cats next week so i can play you these bangers.

Speaking of bangers, let's get into some of this 15 mins from De JJ. This is so f*cking tight. Aiiight. Speak soon.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fantastic Damage


I believe the actually quote was "Fantastically Twisted Clash..."

So I was checking my emails late one night this week and was pleased to get one from my man Slotkavik (who's back in UK this week - See you soon dude). Basically told me he and Gas Lamp were doing a BBC show this week. Say wrd.

GLK is kinda crazy with it and we all know Slott beats are pretty stoopid.
So here, hold this. This will be up only for a few more days. HURRY UP! 2 hrs of sclusies and bangers.
BBC, pls get us some more bandwidth man! The stut-tut-tut-tut-tuttering is driving me nuts!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beat Generation: SEPT 18 2008

This is a new beginning indeed. New music blog. New events company. For those who came thru this summer, and came out to a few 92BPM nights, this is the 1st of many more to come.

The instrumental has seen a rebirth in the last few years, with many of the champions residing in the deep corners of the world. I have been trying to plan a few nights for some time now, but I've been trh victim of European schedules, LP deadlines, and just bad luck! LOL. All is love. We can still have a great time and enjoy ourselves.
Good music you never heard is what I'm talking about.
Shouts to CRCL RSRCH, Sylvrmain, Nick H and... many more who'll I'll get too. Say wrd.
I'll have a trusty Macbook and MP. Say wrd.

Instrumental To Your Development
. (say wrd)
A night of Beat Music and Hoodtronica™
Thursday September 18th 2008
TOI BAR - 577 College St
Music/Hosted by Mymanhenri
FaceBook Event page is here.

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Bring a friend, tell another.

See you there. Say wrd.

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