Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! MPCs & Beatbreaks [DWNLD]


I had been trying to get this mix done for a little whilst now and just when I was going to start it, I got a text from my man P.U.D.G.E.! More on him hella soon. Say wrd.
In any case, I 1nce again realize how hard it is to mix on an MPC esp when you have neighbors that you sorta want to respect @ 1am... ARGH. I love kids! ;) In any case, I do hope you enjoy this as I tried my best to slide down your chimneys but as you know, the last few days in yyz have been painfully cold and snowy! When Old Man Winter wratheth, be ywar and his way shun!

Regardless, this is not a Xmas gift, but more like a gesture of goodwill and amity. During this festive season, let's have a good laugh, quaffe well, break bread and break beats.

So, I present to you:

MPCs & Beatbreaks (click to download).

The track listing is as follows.

1. Intro (Alt.) - J Dilla
2. Exhibit A (Transformations) - Jay Electronica
3. Eff This - Samiyam & Hudson Mohawke
4. Be Acceptable – P.U.D.G.E.
5. Alll Reddaayy - ADAD/KEYS
6. JetBoat (Boozina Remix) - Muhsinah
7. My Comet - Onra
8. Never Fall In Love feat. Stray - Eric L & Cerebral Vortex
9. Nature Sounds (Lavender) - Elaquent
10. Whole Wide World feat. Pattie Blingh - Declaime
11. Soul Power - Common
12. On You - De Javaanse Jongens
13. Ruined My Record – P.U.D.G.E.
14. Color Of The Space - RLP
15. 90% Of Me Is You (midtro) - Gwen McCrae
16. Port Salut - Devon
17. Believe - Afta-1
18. Roberta Flack (Mike Slott's Other Mix) - Flying Lotus
19. Auuu / Imagine - Brenk
20. Knockout Kings - Super Smoky Soul & Guilty Simpson
21. Piece Of Art (rmx) - Lorett Fleur feat. LMNO
22. Second Synth Song v2 - Jay Scarlett
23. She Wanna - Hawthorne Headhunters
24. Rickshaw - Flying Lotus
25. Was, Is, Will Mathematik
26. Call To Arms - Harmonic 313
27. Saturn - Karizma
28. Her Fav Color - BLU
29. Like A Purple Shade - Yann Kesz
30. Shake It Down Pt. 2 - ILLA J
31. SynthaSizey ft Kissey Asplund – P.U.D.G.E.
32. too much nebula - Stevo
33. Apprendre - Leneko
34. Shangrila - Floating Points
35. UFOol u - Dyno
36. Lottahydro – Suff Daddy

Not a DJ mix, more like a ME-J mix. You know the deal. I play for myself hahaha. And... DISCLAIMER: no singing or any autotunin' on my part! LOL. That's the next one.
Big shouts too all who hit me with joints and love to all for the great riddims this year (esp Stones Throw for the heart shaped vinyl - perfect for the cover!). Looking fwd to catching up in 2000-mine. Sincerely, your man... AY!

Happy Holidays and hope you take some delight MPCs & Beatbreaks. Pt2 in development as we speak.

Be not afraid to leave kind utterances of adoration. ;) LOL.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Red Inked: HVW8 show love to G-Funk BeatBoxer

As many of your around the globe saw, internet sensation Red has been making the rounds on your desktops, laptops and iPhones i'm sure. The acclaim has been loud and clear - ppl love Red. 400k views in just under 1 week. Seriously?? I had the youtube link book marked and watched it double in views with every passing hours/days. Nuts.
So the good ppl @ HVW8 have essentially come to some agreement with our fave West Hollywood G-funked and will show the ultimate love:
Red will have a release in 2009, courtesy of HVW8. Amazing. I love great stories, and he does to.

So look out for Red in the new year in some 7" capacity maybe?? Bring it back to 45s like it used to be. Could be fun. But before that, look out for Red in one of the forthcoming Music Is My Art podcasts by HVW8. Oh you don't know about those? Get cracking.


Friday, December 19, 2008


IRIS, is down with us... NSTRMNTL2URDVLPMNT is a must...

Just and FYI. I'll be running a set @ this WINTER 09 JUMP launch night. Taktiks, Marco Polo and I will be sharing duties as purveyors of fine riddims.

So if you're in the hood - Toronto that is, but sure to pass through. You can RSVP @ the FB group here. Be sure to say hi.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Labor Of Love, Sex & Relationships: Kitty Kat Kaboodle EP

Who loves the kat?? I DO, I DO!
Just got news of a fresh EP dropping soon.
Kitty Kat Kaboodle EP is the labor of love of Cerebral Vortex and your man Erik L (who spiritually finds refuge in Detroit - you know.)

Together, this dynamic duo deliver a themed opus for 2009 about love, sex and relationships. Relationships?? [cough - cough] Huh? ;)
Along for the ride in this Sexploitation production on the Kitty Kat Kaboodle EP are Stray, Ezekiel 38 & fave, Kissey Asplund.

This 4 tracker will certainly live up to all expectations. With Eric L banging away on his MP and an array of analog synths, he sets that electro-nice mood with just enough aggressive riddim w/o pissing your girl off and killing her mood. On vocals, to keep it all nice and smooth you have Swede songstress Kissey Asplund and Stray to keep it all in line. Add to that the texts from Cerebral Vortex and you get a solid little EP. The kind you can play for your girl, without having to wear shiny shoes and hold her hand. You know... LOL. ;)
In any case, look for the Kitty Kat Kaboodle EP to drop in the new year, Jan 16 2009 to be exact. You can grab it from the good ppl @ Melting Pot Music. This will be delivering with instrumentals as well. Say wrd.

Track listing will be as follows:

01. Never Fall In Love ft Stray [3:54]
02. Birds & Bees ft Kissey Asplund [3:45]
03. Golden Token (Speak) ft Ezekiel 38 [4:48]
04. Hey Cat ft Kissey Asplund [4:14]

In the mean time, here's a 2 fer. Here's the video for Hey Cat - Cerebral Vortex & Eric L ft Kissey Asplund (Um... like a 3 way?)

As well, listen to Fall in Love ft Stray. It's a certified banger por seguro!

All day.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Applied Mathematical Mastery: Floatingpoints (FTPS)

Every so oft, you get a track that makes you simply lean back and nod your head. I was shot on email with a link to the track and despite having no idea who this was, I jumped on the link.
Oh sh*t.
What's this dude's name? Floatingpoints

What?? Well, looks like London's got another one on the come up. The 22 yr old accomplished pianist Floatingpoints aka FTPS has been bangin'em out since the tender age of 16. Very young, he's been courted and has made the playlists of the beat music British Lords: the Benjis, the Gilles and the Marie Annes. They've all anointed FTPS apparently shortly after his random submission of a Reel Peoples' rmx of 'Love Me Like This'.
Plans are to have a release in the New Year on a newly formed Eglo records. Def a little something to keep a lookout for right there... In any case, be sure to peep FTPS on his myspace and show love. In the mean time, make sure to take in this extra pretty track right here... Shangrila. I swear that if you close your eyes - you can see it. Shouts to my man Alex @ AYK


Friday, December 12, 2008

Believe It (in a vocoder voice): HVW8 All Day.

My boy Ty G from HVW8 hit me with this last night.

They were getting their new podcast ready and he told me this happened right in the parking lot of the gallery. Can you believe this? DUDE IS HOMELESS. Ha. This is not what I would usually post about here, but this was absolutely classic. How do you even describe this?? I would love and sit down with dude and find out when the wheels fell off.
Someone get this dude in the studio. There's something special here. In spite of being homeless, and likely hungry, he's still got the will to write something fresh... wow.

Shouts to Ty G, Max and the intern from Scarborough. See you guys soon. Say wrd.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Loco for Choco! Dorian Concept Maxes Out

Some weeks back, my man Harmonic 313 aka Trouble Man aka the most distinguished Mark Pritchard and I were chatting and he mentioned something about Dorian Concept having just been in AUS or something of the sort... I can't quite recall.
He did however sing the praises of his new release. HUH?? New release??
Yea... He's got this banger he adds. So, I went looking and behold, what did I just find...

Wow. Another release by the young Vienna virtuoso. Maximized Minimalization. Contradiction in terms you say?? Kind of like a young veteran, seasonsed teenager or even Dorian Concept. One thing is certain, this youngster is far beyond his years whilst most his age are struggling with FIFA09 tournaments on their xbox, Dorian Concept has been busy banging away on keys and frenetically warping waves into some very beautiful music.
@ a young age, you're almost scared into thinking of what he'll be capable of when he's in say... his more seasoned years? Just nuts...
Speaking of, I was just going loco for this choco, Chocolate Milk that is. Take in the whole track, and you'll see what I mean. Chocolate Milk does do the body good.


Bad Santa! Move Dec 12th @ Wrongbar

Guess who's gonna blow the speakers @ WrongBar Friday Dec 12?? (this week)

Dâm Funk, Mayer Hawthorne aka Haircut, DJ Taktiks from CKLN's Mixtape Massacre and your fave ME-J... me. ;)

See you there. You should be a blast. I got a few new gems for mans.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In Search Of...: A Stevo Space Odyssey

So much music... As much as there is an upper crust of known musicians and producers in this matrix, much like an iceberg, there's a formidable mass below that is strong and as capable.
Some time ago I came across a recording Between Earth & Universe (now deleted, so if you find it...) authored by a young beatsmith Stevo. Slow, grimy electro-nice tempos with very spaced out imagery.

This young 22 yr old German native has been the classic fan of hip hop. With idols such as The Chocolate Boy Wonder, Gangstarr, Madlib the Bad Kid as well as they far, wide reaching and ubiquitous James Yancey, he has seen his fame rise through the broadcasts of the Lord Jay Scarlett @ AmpSoul Generation Radio and through the good ppl @ Monday Jazz.
He has now released his 2nd mixtape, Another Space Odyssey. The soundscapes are deeper, more nebulous and with same sharp snare and thick kicks.

But enough with the words and verbs. Take out your sharpest telescope and sit back and take in Stevo's sophmore release, soon to blow up like a Neutron Star.

Be sure to grab the whole mixtape, and hit Stevo's myspace . Show love. You know I will. And in fact, he rawks an MPD24 like I do. Say wrd. BTW, shouts to Fella Vaughn for Stevo's stellar artwork.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Last Of The Septuplets: Onra Completes All City 7x7

To highlight the emergence of this beat music, the All City clan released a conceptual gem this year: 7 x 7. Seven 7" singles from seven sorcerers. magi of the MPC, a band of bad men.
Gang members were as follows: Snowman, Mike Slott, Fulgeance, Mweslee, LeNeko, Hudson Mohawke..

Onra now completes the septuplet.

Your man Onra has been consciously crafting his Chinoiseries, assiduously amassing a concretion of releases under his belt, including the afore mentioned LP released earlier this year.
Fresh off his RBMA beat camp, Onra now drops the last of the 7x7 from All City. A double A-side if you will. As he's demonstrated time and again, this French Vietnamese has shown how to bang that hoodtronica out. ;). Big beats and smooth sampling are of order, and Onra brings the 7x7 series to a very fitting denouement.

You-want-to-hear-fu-ture-funk? Get down with My Comet. Look for this 7" to drop Dec 1. Check All City for all deets.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fly High: Flying Lotus 2x3

Not sure how to put this... Lemme try.


LA's own Flying Lotus releases the second EP of the Los Angeles trilogy, with the 1st Warp Records release having come to boisterous acclaim and spirited praise. This time, the FlyLo's Winnetka wizardy is felt more in his art direction as having commissioned rmxs of 1x3 tracks.
Hired guns are California cohorts Nosaj Thing, Ras G and his African Space Program, my man Samiyam, Monopoly and Exile to mention a few, all hand over very capable personal renditions and edits of FlyLo joints.
BUT, my favorite riddim (and one that I've been chatting about from the day I heard it a few months back) was the Roberta Flack rmx courtesy of Mike Slott. Simply put, beatific.
I hit Mike Slott up yesterday after buying the 2x3 EP, and told him simply that his rmx would be my wedding song. And to boot, would you believe that Mike lost the original vers - as he told me one night on the A train back to Washington Heights? Hence, the name of the rmx. Man.. not sure if I should cheer or be sad. LOL?

DO NOT do yourself a disservice and pass over this EP. 2x3 EP is a mandatory item in that library (as was 1x3).

Anyhow, I have a wedding to prepare for, and here's Flying Lotus' Roberta Flack, re-dressed in Mike Slott's finest fabrics.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dutty Box: Harmonic 313 EP

Detroit and Australia just a few miles apart, wouldn't you say? Nevertheless, Detroit's influence from it's hip hop to it's electro-nice and all in between can be heard from all corners of the globe.
Harmonic 313 aka Mark Pritchard has been diligently completing a full length from his studio in AUS due out in Feb 2009, whilst still offering a few EPs in the interim. Today marked the 2nd of such EP releases - a 4 banger from electro-nice stalwart Warp Records: the instrumental DIRTBOX.

I'll be very frank. Love this dude's work. Pretty tight and the crystal clarity of H313's production is unmatched! one of my fave elements of H313's work is that he can hit you with amalgams of genres you thought were impossible to fuse. Love H313 for that....

Anyhow, do yourself a solid and just cop this when you see it. Indeed for your dvlpmnt. You'll thank me later.

In the meantime, take this one joint in... Arc Light. Say wrd.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Patterns, Politics and Drum Pads

J Rawls needs to create a sound track for TBG bka Too Black Guys (remember that brand?). He's got that headspace man. I kinda love that. Hell, he was likely around during some of the afrocentric glory days that @ times seem long forgotten. Love the fact that he weaves in audio from speeches and famous quotes in his opus.
Just copped this record of his today, Histories, Greatest Battles, Campaigns & Topics. Always dug his smooth style and the fact that he stays with those NSTRMNTLS all day. This is not meant to be that dancefloor burner, but more like that joint you wanna keep in the library for sure... Hell, you need to have some Lone Catalysts in there as well. ;)

Wonder what his thoughts are on the new Commander In Chief, his great campaign and the greatest battle of all looming: running America for 4 yrs. Would be a great convo. But regardless, he's released a great work of art like this Art of War


Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Black, More eL, More Shoes.

Some recall that I had that Black Milk, eLZhi and DJ House Shoes in Toronto. My ppls over @ The Real Frequency documented their visit in an interview and part of the eLZhi performance.

The interview @ the Real Freq studios...

... eLZhi ...

... and now your man Black. Say wrd.

Shouts to the whole RF massive: AR, Inzane, Pleezy and Man Like Keezy. Good Look. Let's get up again soon.

Again, you can peep photos of the show here.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Where ya @, where ya @?

1 week ago, after picking up House Shoes @ the airport, he's like, "Dude, have you heard that new Jay Electronica that Just Blaze produced??". "No I said". He just looks @ me like dude, are you kidding me? Pffffffff...

He takes a drag of his Newport, pops in a CD and just turns it up.

Where ya @, Where ya @? My dude can paint that picture. Narratives are like....

I hear that the train is on schedule. I'm glad to hear. Been a min, but this Exhibit A is evidence of the truth. Stupid. Shouts to Nalden for that link. Nuts.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nike is down with DVLPMNT

Say wrd.

I just got a call, last second one to confirm if I could appear as my Latin saint alias, San Benito de Palermo and DJ (or Me-J) for this Nike even tonight.

You bet. So look for me to drop some quick gems tonight and I'll be opening the party @ 8. It's looking to be pretty busy and if you need some benediction, come thru. This should be fun. I'll be there with the MP in hand. There might still be an op to RSVP.

See you tonight.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Decrypted: 00Genesis finally drops

I've been waiting for this event actually for a hot min. After getting a hold of bangers like The Brighter Side & No Shoes Trampoline, I kept a close eye on my yoot. So today, the enigmatic and cryptic 00Genesis drops a long awaited ep Dream Catcher on RXLNGR, where Muhsinah also calls home.

I for one have dug 00G's style from day one. It was and still remains like nothing that I had heard out there and would find hard to describe. At times, I felt like it was best characterized as a car careening thru traffic, and other days just cruising on a Cinelli fixie. But ultimately, when your head bops, that all the illustration needed.

Do yourself that solid:cop this record . You can grab it here on iTunes, and it's f*cking iTunes Plus, so I can drop that right into Serato.



Monday, November 10, 2008

Motor City Rides Again: Black Milk, eLZhi and House Shoes in Toronto, Nov 6th 2008

It's been 2 long weeks. Hard @ work among other things, this show I had planned signaled the a sorta finish line. I had deadlines the same week so this was very welcomed - though work did await me. You know, the usual show sh*t.

Black Milk
DJ House Shoes

The press is proclaiming that the Detroit Big Three are in the worst state ever. Someone needed to remind Black Milk, eLZhi and House Shoes as their engines are running as strong as the classic American muscle cars of yesteryears.

Pontiac GTO aka DJ House Shoes. With the wisdom and history that most still fail to realize, House Shoes revved the crowd up, wheeling thru gems and exclusives that one would expect from one of the pillars of this Detroit sound.

Ford Mustang aka eLZhi. Known to many as one of the strongest MCs active (and possibly inactive) in the game, eLZhi made good in his 1st gig as a solo artist in Toronto. From drifting through bangers from The Preface, to riding shotgun with Toronto songstress Ayah to the smoke filled burnouts from the various freestyles throughout the night.

Chevy Corvette aka Black Milk. Standing tallest, there's no real mistaking this MC's roar when he starts his engine. From beats to his most improved rhymes, Black Milk's set was like a high speed freewheeling ride down the DVP in the wee hours of the AM. Delivering classic verses from his already sizable catalog, he squeezed the pads on the MP, clicking away on the casio keys to offer live renditions of more classics.

The Motor City looks healthy and as strong as ever, and there's not sign of any musical malaise with more projects coming from all three in 2009.

Shouts to my man K Fresh from who popped up from the D. Foundation!

You can peep the rest of the photos here.



Monday, October 27, 2008

The Hour is Now: Dour Festival snippet

Been away for a few. Betweem trying to reach some work deadlines, and been trying to manage this midi depression as a small mix up forced me to stay in town and miss out some good friends and events (see you next year @ some point), I staged my own strike. Just a victim of a short string of bad luck really...

But just in time to cheer me up is this video that my man Nick Holder shot me. Ahhhh... just what I needed.

Dour Festival Report '08 from Laid Back on Vimeo.

Oddly enough, this Dour Festival was in my crosshairs when I was in EU last summer, when I was looking for a date to see the Stones Throw tour. Just decided to stay in UK. Why is this not happening here?? Well thankfully, I just had some meetings last week. This is long overdue in Toronto. My man Dalton and I are seeing eye to eye here. Indeed.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stones Throw's MOVE: Tomorrow in Toronto

Beat Konducta, Hza, Funky President & Karriem Riggins circa march 07, MIAMI

Catch me @ Wrongbar tomorrow.. We toasting with my man Taktiks who's in celebration. Most importantly, we have J-Rocc, Mr Riggins and Madlib the Bad Kid in house. Madlib, coming off the new Stones Throw release, as well as the much to oft slept on Karriem Riggins who, to this day I think laid down one of the sickest sets @ MIA on record. Sh*t was bananas.

In anycase, tomorrow will be the truth. Motherf*cking Hza, Bday boy Taktiks, and Stones Throw.

All deets are on above seen flyer and/or here

See you then.


Monday, October 13, 2008

The Good Company Does It Unaccompanied: Stones Throw A Cappellas

Not quite in a chapel style as an italian might think, but you can still blast some Guilty Simpson on your way to church, can't you?? Stones Throw sure things so.

The good ppl @ Stones Throw have just released another compilation. [eyes rolling] - again! ;) . But leave it to ST to squeeze every op out of every single product they own - and I love them for that.

A Cappellas.

This is essentially a selection of a cappellas that they're putting out there for the basement beat head. The cats who produce but don't really put anything out there. Man, i've BEEN trying to get cats to rmx. Anything can happen. Cats were getting work off RMXs floating around the net... I'm saying though: this is your chance.

Track list reads as follows:

1. My World Premiere (A cappella) Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf
2. Watch My Moves (A cappella) Dooley O
3. Cash Money (A cappella) Homeliss Derelix
4. Blind Man (A cappella) LA Carnival
5. The Ride (A cappella) Oh No
6. Stomp That v. 1.2 (A cappella) feat. Cornbread Oh No
7. Definition of Ill (Remix - A cappella) feat. Planet Asia & Madlib Peanut Butter Wolf
8. No Time For Jokes (A cappella) feat. Chali 2na Percee P
9. Last Of The Greats - (A cappella) feat. Prince Po Percee P
10. Throwback Rap Attack (Oh No Remix - A cappella) Percee P
11. Watch Your Step (A cappella) feat. Vinnie Paz & Guilty Simpson Percee P
12. Broadfactor (A cappella) Quasimoto
13. Ode To The Ghetto (A Cappella) Guilty Simpson
14. Get Bitches (A Cappella) Guilty Simpson

Def some gems on this, and the last 2 guilty joints are the only 2 that cannot be bought individually. You need to cop the whole record for that. Sorry. Would love to hear someone like Ras G or Gas Lamp Killer get a hold of these. Anyhow, I want to hear more experimental and daring works. Put some effects on that MF! LOL. Looking fwd.

Make sure to hit Stones Throw online for more info on this comp.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Blu & Exile: from SoCal to Spain

As the Red Bull Music Academy concluded term 1 last weekend and gear up (literally) for term 2, I could only wonder what that closing party was probably like. I still clearly recall my nuit blanche in Toronto last year - in fact, I recall both! And this was before my man Wulf from RBMA kindly reminded me in an online chat (get better Wulf!).
One of the moments that I recall from the archived lectures from the RBMA 2008's Term 1 was the divine duo from Southern Cali: Blu & Exile. In fact, having just been in LA, I bumped into them this week and had not realized they weren't even on tour - they flew out simply to show love to the Academy and speak to these would be musical wizards. Say wrd.

Sparing you the bits and bytes of blather, I'll simply post he highlights from their couch interview in Barcelona, with a lovely MPC freestyle by your man Exile.

On a side note, rumors of a Johnson & Johnson and Exile show in Toronto. Say wrd?? Wrd.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Take: Souldier on EU tour of duty.

The name of the podcast escapes me, but I came across LA's Take when i heard this banger Make Believe off The Dirty Decibels of Thomas 2000 lp.
As I made my way around the seemingly perpetually congested streets of LA, I finally arrived @ DubLab.

What an event - after months of going back and forth online, we have finally met and were able to have mano y mano convo. Take and I sat and basically discussed all things LA for a min. Standing on the roof top of DubLab under a torrid SoCal sun, we chatted my love and his periodic reluctance for the LA scene. One of thing is most certain: Take is among a coterie of Kings in LA/SoCal. Be it the beat music scene, LA is pretty much home to US Gold Medalists.

We went from there to chatting about what he'll need to pack for the EU tour of duty he's been planning diligently over the last few months. I sided with going light as the climate swings will not be nearly as bad as he thought. Simple jacket, some disposable tees and a sweat shirt. But he wants his best foot fwd, so look for the golden shades among many other accoutrements. LOL.

But beyond staring @ him, I do recommend that you do check for him during his EU dates. They're as follows:

Oct 10 Fabric London ENGLAND
Oct 11 Stealth, Nottingham UK
Oct 17 Loud Minority, Vienna AUSTRIA
Oct 18 Hugs & Tugs party, Cordy House, London ENGLAND
Oct 24 Biminuis - Beat Dimension Party - Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS
Oct 25 Back To The Wood, Corbet place, London ENGLAND

So if you're in the area, make a move to see my man Take. He's got a special set all ready to go for cats - Bomb-Squad-@-90bpm type shit bpm. ;)

But in the meantime, here's a treat right from Take himself.

Another world Mix. Ready for download. Take it in....


Saturday, October 4, 2008

The U.K Invasion: Lycky Me Tour

Blitzkrieg. Fusillade.

The Glasgow Gang @ Lucky Me (Hudson Mo, Slott, Rustie & Dom Sum) have gone on a 4 date mini tour through North America with beats, with the 1st belting of bass taking place tonight in La Belle Province, for the POP Montréal Festival.
(Welcome to Canada gents. Told you about the early cold! Enjoy the poutine though.)

They play the lone Canadian with the Megasoid clan. Would have made it down, but there was a slight change in plans. :(

They then make their way down to the world infamous Low End Theory in LA for a Oct 8th date.

This night has the makings of something pretty legendary. LA's been the North American anchor for beats, electo-nice riddims et al, with many of the barons of beats residing in the area. So their arrival will be a sort of Coming to America with EU statesmen joining in an allied front. I hope to hear rumblings of live footage/audio for this night.

They then make their way up to SF for a Oct 9th date and then back to the east coast for the monthly Low End Theory NYC installment on Oct 11th.

This will be a tour to check for indeed. If you're out there, get some footage and hit us back. Say wrd.


Friday, October 3, 2008

dATA-BWoY Killin


I hate mail. Ever since moving to my new spot about 2 yrs ago, I get an immeasurable amount of junk mail and it's nothing short of aggravating. They want to save paper?? Get these guys to stop!
Anyhow, upon checking my communal mail box yesterday, I got this odd looking pkg. Looked closely, noticed that it came from kinda far....

OH SH*T! This was that promo from Eat Concrete (ironically, i ate some a few weeks back)

Say wrd.

// dATA-BWoY, a new 12" release from famed Eat Concrete (the ones I needed to thank for Take among other releases). // dATA-BWoY (is that d-Advanced Technology Attachment?) is from the magnetic platters and motherboard of D-Frost Beats (Hawaiian né Damon Frost - Go OBAMA!) of Swedish duo Hearin' Aid. I 1st came across these cats via a Raw Fusion comp and their sound always peaked my curiosity.

D-Frost Beats has now manufactured a banger of a release. This 12"-only 5 banger is simply that: A banger. Although I'm never sold on dancefloor riddims, this release has the appeal for booties to shake, heads to nod and arms to gesticulate. Say wrd.

Enough of my textual traipse though as this is simply a must cop as it just dropped in stores Sept 25th (last week). Free up some bandwidth (and your purse strings), and take in some of this // dATA-BWoY from D-Frost Beats himself. Big shouts to Teun. Enjoy the medley!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Muhsinah v3.0: From Toronto to Common

Haha. New Patch!

So Monday night, Toronto was host to a Common x N.E.R.D. show. Yeah, the ppl piled into the Koolhaus to see Skateboard P and C to the O dbl M O-N. But off to the side, in charge of supporting vocals long side some keys and what looked like some pads (cuz you know damn well that pads are an instrument now) was Muhsinah.

Sinah and I met in March of 2007 during WMC @ a Waajeed x Benji B gig for Zune (real talk: I usually have lamentable memory, but I do recall this event very clearly). In a group convo, Waajeed had told me to keep and eye on her, real closely. Ok 'Jeed. Got ya. She handed me some music and we went from there.
FFWD to Sept 07 to YYZ airport, and who comes waltzing out of Terminal 3 exit? Muhsinah. She was part of the 1st Term of RBMA 2007 participants and I was picking her up. Say wrd.

For 2 weeks, I got to see her bang it out in the studio, collaborate, and even call me out on a track (for those with the RBMA Toronto CD, if not go look for it). But until this past Monday (literally 1 year to the day), I had not seen her since despite having been in NY a few times.
Anyhow, it was all love catching up. Chatted about her lp Daybreak (v.1, v2.0 and beyond), her touring with Common (NorthAM and EU) as well as what apparently will be some production credit on the new Common LP (say wrd!).
Post tour, she's due to start on a new record, if she's not bangin em out for other cats. Unbeknownst to many, she's silly on the beats and even crazier with ProTools. Yep. Certified. So it's all in-house. Not just a radiant smile and enchanting voice.

Speaking of voice, our convo led to chatting about this collabo that Mike Slott hit me with sometime back. It's apparently out on 7" as we speak. DOPE.

So here's Deux-Three, a banger from Mike Slott and the LuckyMe clan, feat Muhsinah on vocals - one of my faves and sold @ a store near you! Enjoy.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What the game's been missing.

Just plain fun.

I've been saying it for years man. When I'm out Me-J'in?? I'm trying to have fun as well man. Cats are too hung up trying to make that money, instead of having a good time. I'm not mad @ either, just don't play yourself.
I've seen this cat Boon Doc @ work in the past, but someone just sent me this clip. Pretty inspiring. This belongs with beat music.

Say wrd.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jockin' Hayzee: Dutch Doyen Drops New Vid

Man, I had to do it.

Sometime back, I got a wonderful email from my girl Kissey, telling me about this cat I should get up with, Hayzee. Shortly after she made the introduction online, I was then sent some music to listen to and (in a Big Daddy Kane voice) that's all she wrote.
I in fact did write.

FFWD a few months, and I now find myself chatting this young cats name again, with more news. News, that Appletree Records (whom I love for Louis Bordeaux and De JJ) has scooped up this 21 yr-young game console crackerjack, Dutch doyen of 8bit.

In follow to his Next Level EP, Hayzee and the good ppl @ Appletree release a fresh animated video to the title track, Press Start, starring your man Hayzee as himself.

Jockin Hayzee indeed. Keep a vigilant eye on this Dutch dread. In interim, make sure to grab hold of (and download) the classic: Next Level EP. Perfect for that iPod rotation.

Hope you have a roll of quarters ready. You'll be playing this all night. Say wrd. Shouts to Kissey & Naldisney. ;)


Friday, September 26, 2008

Rmx Radiohead: The Reckoner

This could be kinda interesting.

Much like they did on the 1st single of in Rainbows (nude), the Radiohead camp are making the parts to the newest single Reckoner avail to all for your own rmx submission.

You can buy the 'stems' (parts) from iTunes store for 99¢, after which you will apparently be emailed a GarageBand/Logic ready set of files for your needs.

Don't use GarageBand of Logic?? All good. The stems are in iTunes Plus format, meaning that they're DRM free. You should be able to pop them in most apps.

All the info and deets can be accessed here. Thom and his merry bunch admit that this might be an easier project as Reckoner is in 4/4 which should make things a touch easier this time around.

The parts?? You get:

Lead Vocals Stem.
Backup Vocals Stem.
Bass Stem.
Drums/Percussion Stem.
Piano/Strings Stem
Guitar Stem

Why am I chatting this up?? I would LOVE to hear some beat music rmxs of this joint. In fact, I bought them myself since I hope to bang something out one day. But those of you who I chat with know that... lol... I keep dreaming! ;)



However you wanna make it happen - it's all there.

Have fun and I look fwd to hearing some of your work.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here it is: Volume 0, Live @ CKLN 88.1

Here it is.

Shouts to Mixtape Massacre.

This has been a long time in the works, and I just never got around to getting the right forum to allow for it's completion. So now, we're here. Been trying to tell ppl that this movement, the beat music, the Hoodtronica™ is very real and will make you feel like a kid again. ;)
Before getting back behind the boards, I was saying that someone needed to start playing more beats and instrumentals and paying attn to the music. Then, 2 things happened: I got hired @ the RBMA 2007 in Toronto and I met Jay Scarlett.
Since they were both chronologically in such proximity, I consider those events as one, a type of Ground Zero.
The RBMA simply exposed me to what I knew was out there: great music and producers to go along. Then Jay Scarlett basically took me under his wing and took me on a tour of this musical planet. Never been the same since.
So a lifetime of blies for all the mandem. All day.

So Volume 0.

It's here. Call it, Beats 101, Requisite Riddims or simply call it Instrumental To Your Development. I really believe that. You need that balance and this will hopefully be the 1st of many MP Prescriptions. And yes... this was mixed entirely on an MPD. No turntables or CDJs. I felt that it embodied the movement that much more - even though it seems a little backwards and is harder to mix on. LOL.

So, with out any more delays. I present to you:

Instrumental To Your Development Volume 0 - Live @ CKLN 88.1.

This is a compendium of classics that have been out there for some time, but might very much be new to folks round my way. And by the sounds of the response (ppl calling the show asking), the interest in there.

You can download it here. It's a zipped folder with artwork and notes.

If you're @ work, feel free to stream it.

mymanhenri @ CKLN 88.1 FM

In order or appearance:

Husdon Mowhawke
Mike Slott
Daru Jones
Suff Daddy
Yann Kesz
Flying Lotus. (last song of set)

By all means, pls leave a comment and I'll stay up with cats as much as possible. Would love some feedback.



Monday, September 22, 2008

Move Some More: Move Oct 17th 2008

All I have to say is this.

Karriem Riggins

This is going to be Riggins' 1st visit since that FAMED beat set @ WMC 08. Madlib will be coming off a few releases. The BBE and the Dil Cosby joint that he did with J-Rocc. And The Funkiest President?? He's got joints all day. Dilla gems sitting around for sure. Beats will be heard that night. Be assured if it.

Best is that I'll be doing an opening set that night w/ birthday boy DJ Taktiks aka Slick James.

If you're in Toronto or anywhere close, you need to come out for this. This will be massive. You can see the flyer and the FaceBook event is here.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bienvenido A BCN: Red Bull Music Academy 08

¿Hablas Catalán?

I sure don't but I might need to muy temprano.

This is just a congratulatory shout to the whole team @ RBMA HQ who are now on the Spanish coast, in BCN. Today marks the 1st day of the RBMA and for the next 5 weeks, Barcelona will be host to some of the most promising artists from all corners of the world, many of whom are beat music kings. I'm still trying to get my hands on the full list of participants... TORSTEN! Holla!!

Don't know what the RBMA is? Pull up a chair and take a good look.


You - Must - Learn: Le Neko 5x7 release

In continuity of the All City Records 7x7 series, the 5th release from this star assemblage and the 2nd out of France, comes from Le Neko (or is it Le N?ko).

Describing his sound as heavy broken elevator music, Le Neko's release 1nce again asserts this beat music as a beautiful artform, much overlooked on this side of the pond. Though not as well know and with a diminutive body of work (this is his very 1st 12"), this lion for Lyon roars loudly with this 2 song œuvre. With that deep electro-nice (and not electronic) sound, lovely chords and sharp drums, he defends his city's pride with pride.

Looking fwd, we can expect more music from this Frenchman. I'll certainly be looking fwd to it myself. Say wrd.

You can cop Le N?ko's All City 12" here, and @ fine music retailers in your space.

"You - Must - Learn". The word made famous by KRS-One. Or, you can simply say Apprendre and pop Le Neko in ya deck! Enjoy.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Live on Mixtape Massacre CKLN 88.1FM: 1-4p

Shouts to Linx, Taktiks, Seven:30 and a man like Wan.

You might be reading this after/during my radio set, so if that's the case,


For those who did not, I'm did a quick beats set today @ Mixtape Massacre on CKLN 88.1FM @ the famed 1-4pm slot today to highlight the launch of this new blog. I would try to record it, but I don't think that I have time to set it up. Ahhhhh.... Anyhow, this will remind me to start my podcast, though I'll still try to salvage the recording somehow.



Friday, September 19, 2008

Guess who's coming to town??

all deets here.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beat Generation: it's on a poppin tonight!

Yea. Went through a gang of music last night, and I'm more or less ready to throw down.

More importantly, I'm also finally launching my music blog project - or more beat music.

I will likely slowly migrate the music over from The Newest Era™ but look for steady updates on that Hoodtronica™. ;)

So man, this is what Cramer on CNBC would call a 2 fer. 2 causes, 1 night. That's TONIGHT!

Instrumental To Your Development launch night
. (say wrd)
A night of Beat Music and Hoodtronica™
Thursday September 18th 2008
TOI BAR - 577 College St
Music/Hosted by Mymanhenri
FaceBook Event page is here.

My MP is ready to rawk. Serato is all loaded up. I'll even see if I can plug my Mini KOAS pad, but that might be a touch harder due to plugs but oh well... soon come.

Looking fwd to seeing all of you tonight.


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